CHEMCHAMP Recycling our Resources

Company Overview

The ChemChamp mission is to DO GOOD FOR THE WORLD. All of our products, all of our decisions are pointed towards this ideal. This mantra has been a driving force for the company for almost twenty years – long before being “green” became fashionable.

We see this as a great challenge and a great opportunity.  For us, it all starts with INNOVATION.  To solve critical problems requires innovative thinking. Our tireless research and development efforts have led to numerous patents and a series of break-through products.

Today ChemChamp has thousands of chemical recyclers in markets across the world.  Collectively these units are responsible for recovering 8 million gallons of chemicals every year that otherwise would be discarded, saving our customers well over $75 million and eliminating 165 million pounds of greenhouse gases in the process.

For us, it begins and ends with the mission.

Company History

Onsite recycling equipment first began to appear approximately 25 years ago. The idea of recycling was initially well received as it made both economic and environmental sense, however, the technology soon became discredited as it was inefficient, difficult to use, and unsafe for recovering flammable liquids.

ChemChamp began developing recycling technologies in 1993. Our initial focus was to overcome the safety and efficiency problems that had plagued the industry to that point.  In 1995 ChemChamp succeeded with the launch of the first solvent recycler that was approved to distill flammable liquids inside a production facility.  The improved safety profile along with several other unique features established the ChemChamp technology as “Best in Class”.

ChemChamp has not looked back sense, continuing to press the boundaries of recycling technology.  Our latest quest is to develop products that are effective enough and inexpensive enough to be used by anyone that generates a chemical waste.  This break-through is just around the corner.  Stay tuned.

Our People and Our Commitment

Our people are the foundation of our business.  Doing good for the world starts at home.  We all share a common commitment to our mission, to one another, and to our customers.

This manifests itself most notably in our product quality and our level of customer service.  ChemChamp takes great pride in the quality of its products.  Each product that is produced must go through rigorous testing and must meet strict guidelines. If there is ever any problem, ChemChamp is committed to resolving it to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

We all count on one another and our customers can count on us.