There are five exclusive reasons for selecting a ChemChamp Recycler. 

1.  Patented Direct Condensation Method

Is a closed-loop system that does not permit your recovered solvent from coming in contact with the air.  This means no odors or unnecessary solvent loss.  It does it all without any moving parts such as pumps, motors, fans, condensors, or timers.

2.  Patented Control System

Our units do not require time or temperature settings.  Complicated blended solvents such as Thinners and Reducers are never an issue.  Press the start button and the computer does the rest.  We have also incorporated high temperature safety limits on our reclyers to prevent overheating and to prevent start up in the event that the unit has not completely cooled down.

3.  Patented Anti-Pressure System

This patented system ensures that there will never be any pressure build up within our unit.  This is your insurance that the unit is safe in any Haz or Non-Haz location.

4.  Patented Vapor Management System

Makes sure if any vapor tries to escape the unit, they are recovered, preventing any unnecessary odors or solvent loss.

5. Service

If you ever have a problem, on site service is always available.  Need to talk with one of our Engineers, No problem just call us at 1-800-894-0688