Parts Washers

The ChemChamp CC3000 Is A Heavy Duty Parts Cleaner Designed By The Pros For The Pros

cc3000-300 cc3000partscleaner300  

ChemChamp Model CC3000 Parts Cleaner



  • Heavy duty construction
  • Gas shock lid closure with fire link
  • Removable soak tray
  • Stay put spigot
  • Heavy duty brush with flex hose
  • 300 GPH pump
  • Hinged front door with roller base for easy service


Tank Demensions Overall

Length: 3.17' (left to right)

Height: lid closed 3.75'

Width: 2.33' (front to back)

Height: lid open 6'

Height: 0.5' front; 0.83' back

Shipping weight: 145 lbs.